Decentralized solutions

Helping companies develop trust through decentralized systems and avoid a single point of failure or centralized control.

AI algorithms

Embed AI based algorithms in your products with proven and successful analytical engine and graph based solutions.

Product development

Bespoke SaaS solution to validate product-market fit using lean start up approach and exponential technologies.

Our Product suite

  • WeHelp – An AI-based digital platform that connects unemployed, companies, and municipalities.
  • ProdTrack – A blockchain-based product provenance solution for increasing supply chain visibility.
  • WeCare – A Decentralized Identity (DID) powered digital platform for users, hospitals, and municipalities facilitating care for newborn & elderly.
  • Algorithm – Machine learning-based solution helping users and companies to take statistical decisions (launching soon).

Our story

Open honest and transparent way of working with all our stakeholders. With that as core values, a group of friends with business and technical skills , started a technology company to help customers find a good balance between value and hype of emerging technologies. Over time, we built credibility as lean, pragmatic, and transparent partners for our customers. Our values :

  • Make a positive impact with our solutions
  • Deliver value over hype
  • Transparent, Innovative and Ethical
  • Co-creation and win-win relationships

Our Principles

  • Privacy by design and by implementing consensus mechanisms.
  • Using cryptographic protocols, security frameworks, and security tools.
  • Smart contracts agreed by members on decentralized servers to automate business logic.

Privacy by Design

Secure cryptographic protocols

Trust through decentralization


Achieve business efficiency through digitization using modern tools, technologies, and smart contracts.


Our analytical solutions powered by historical and predictive modeling provides businesses to eliminate bias and make informed decisions.


Build, measure and learn is deeply rooted in our processes which helps achieve continuous improvement across value streams.


Our business approach is similar to the way we develop our products : transparent and reliable.


With “quality and security” mindset, we are able to deliver products that helps achieve quality and security to our customers and end users.


Our innovation process takes into account the trifecta of desirability, feasibility, and viability.


Dennis Hagers

Chief Executive Officer

Vikas Pandey

Chief Technology Officer

Pratik Makune

Head of Engineering

Ashutosh Singh

Chief Product Officer

Our Heroes

Nirav Kukadiya

Technical Architect

Suchi Pandey

Software testing & automation engineer

Khushal Bhalsod

Technical Lead

Niyant Shah

Full Stack Engineer

Akash Menon

Senior Front End Developer

Salman Dabbakuti

Blockchain Developer

Aritan Bhowmick

Creative Designer

Tejaswita Wakhure

Machine Learning Engineer

Our Approach

Our product development approach

Idea development


Proof Of Concept


Developing a Protoype


Minimal Viable Product





Idea development

We often do this as a co-creation activity together with the customer to discuss the idea. With design thinking sessions, we help in translating the strategy driven idea into a feasible workable software solution wireframe.

Some activities performed are:

  • Identify problem statement/ opportunity 
  • Define user journeys
  • Define objectives and discuss the boundaries
  • Create wireframes
  • Prepare business model canvas

Proof Of Concept (POC)

To validate if the idea is valuable and has potential, we develop a proof of concept. With a short development cycle the functionality of the idea can be demonstrated. With this proof of concept we determine if the idea can be used in the real world and what type of technologies are best used for the idea. POC is a good first step in pitching the idea to stakeholders and investors.

Activities carried out during Proof of Concept (POC) are:

  • Developing a POC is a cost and time-effective way to validate features
  • Identify risks early in the process (shift-left)
  • Decide the pivot or exit criteria
  • Prepare business model canvas 
  • Identify the features of the next stage (Prototyping)

Developing a prototype

By developing a prototype, we create a first working model of the product idea. The prototype will have most of the functionalities of the end product so that it can serve as a sample for the users to test and evaluate the idea. Prototyping is a quick and effective way to showcase the idea to stakeholders to see how the application and features move across screens within the product. Prototyping is however not a final solution, it will not be efficient, artistically designed or durable. Those will be looked at in the next stage.

Activities performed in Prototyping are:

  • Gather feedback on the application from users
  • Retrospect on mistakes in the design and development phases
  • Get the application flow validated by the users
  • Identify which features will be added in the application

Minimal Viable Product

An MVP is our next step after prototyping. With an MVP we use the same codebase as the prototype, but now it has added functionality - the set of features deliver clear value, a design which matches the highest standards in the industry. The product now is reliable by meeting our quality standard in product development. And least but not the least, the MVP is easy and intuitive to use, the usability of the product. When the MVP is delivered, the initial idea is ready to be launched!

Activities performed in MVP are: 

  • Developing MVP product features
  • Thoroughly test of the application 
  • User experience test and feedback gathering mechanisms
  • Implement application security testing and data privacy policies

Production & Maintenance

We at DevopsInternational, help our customers in scaling up the MVP product and launch it to production (with advanced features) stage. When the MVP is launched, we will continue in adding new features but also maintain the product. We do this by improving the product, and fix flaws or any form of issues in the product.

Some of the activities we perform are: 

  • Developing new features 
  • Application maintenance (making sure the current features work seamless)
  • Bug fixes such as addressing feature, performance and security issues
  • Technical Support. providing technical assistance to users and customers when needed


The technology world is so fast changing and in order to keep up with improved performance, customer experience & satisfaction and market competitiveness, it's vital to adopt/migrate to modern technologies. Some of the benefits that modern technologies bring to the organization are improved performance, security, better maintenance, business agility and reduced cost of maintenance and releasing new features.

Our modernization activities include:

  • Gap and cost-benefit analysis
  • Defining a migration strategy
  • Selecting and implementing suitable technology and cloud platform
  • Maintenance and support

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