Tejaswita Wakhure

Machine Learning Engineer


I am tech enthusiast who has worked as an education professional in the past, has a great passion to code and believes consistency never fails to give results. I belong to the group of people who can take the challenges head on, going against the comfort zone to explore new challenges. I am a lifetime student, eager to learn every new day. I am equipped with machine learning skills, I have implemented a few machine-learning projects and also have gained experience working as a full stack projects with python. As a technology enthusiast, I am continuously exploring to work on new technologies. I love to see rising sun and also like to practice yoga, gardening gives me happiness and I like to spend time in nature. My goal of life is to make constructive use of technology, that adds quality to human life.


Machine Learning75%
CSS 70%

Contact Info

Email : twakhure@devopsinternational.nl