ProdTrack is a supply chain platform to monitor the flow of products in the supply chain, by visualizing the location, via satellite observations and track the quality of the product.

Application in Industries

 Use case: Agriculture and Fishing Industry

We always deserve the best food, grocery store, health care, it’s all because of the agriculture industries that provide us with these foods. But have we ever thought of where and how we get these eatables? Whether it comes directly from farmers, how it was planted etc. More than half the world’s Tuna comes from illegal fishing.

“If we don’t improve traceability and address illegal fishing then we’re going to see continued declines in our fisheries,” says Bubba Cook, WWF Pacific.

By tracking the fish from the moment it’s caught, blockchain would make it impossible for any illegal fish to enter the market.

With ProdTrack we can record where and when a crop was planted and allows to control everyday processes from production, food processing, transportation/storage, etc. For fishing, we can track the journey of a single fish recording from where it was caught until how it was processed and transported/stored and eventually ends up at the supermarket.

Blockchain technology provides access to this data and users are aware that nothing is hidden from them. Through the QR Code, they get every information about the products. Consumers that need to recognize what field a crop comes from, would require handling of the crop to preserve the uniqueness of the crop and likely increase price.

Many health and hygiene anomalies concerning fish preservation from the moment it’s caught, have caused severe health complications among the consumers.

Participants and Workflow

  • Supplier

    Fish/products tagged with a chip. Uploads data on feed, veterinary reports, sanitation, and other measures.

  • Producer

    Real-time information to relevant participants eliminates disputes and data silos allowing for faster response times

  • Processor

    Government inspected facility gets data on fish/poultry products and adds QR Code

  • Distributor

    Stores, and transports from suppliers to retailers/restaurants. Uploads data on shipment/storage and transport, vehicle food safety.

  • Retailers

    Runs machine learning-based forecasting, adapts orders and promos accordingly

  • Consumers

    Scans QR code via the app. Gets full info about the product.

How is it beneficial?
ProdTrack enables an end-to-end view of all activities related to an asset throughout the supply chain while granting access to all relevant stakeholders on a distributed network, facilitating faster decision-making, and dramatically increasing efficiency.

Platform Introduction

  • Traceability

    Indestructible record of transactions throughout the supply chain ensuring the integrity of the information

  • Transparency

    Real-time information to relevant participants eliminates disputes and data silos allowing for faster response times

  • Security

    Permanent & immutable record of transactions provides a single source of data integrity

  • Automation

    Smart Contracts help reduce paperwork, error rates, and intermediaries through automation

  • Auditability

    Transparent record of all digital interactions facilitates easy authentication and expedited audits

How it works

  • Assets are categorized and properties are defined
  • Participant accounts are set up and grouped permissions are specified
  • A workflow is defined to track the journey of assets
  • Transactions are logged and recorded on ProdTrack
  • A record is created, after validating the data & stored in an immutable block
  • An auditable record of all transaction is formed at the end of the tracking cycle

Technologies in use

Satellite data with the use of SatNav /SatEO technology and blockchain-based traceability technology can be actual game-changers in the agriculture and seafood industry, because they help the supply chain track, trace and secure every activity, which can eliminate unethical and illegal fishing and farming activities.